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At Escapade this morning, [personal profile] devilc and I combined the panels we proposed for Supernatural into one. One half the panel was about the show; the other was about J2 fic. Here are my notes:

Season 10
  • The boys are back to dealing with their own shit, and they are dealing with it together.
  • Back to saving people, hunting things.
  • Not at odds with external forces.
  • The conflict are not manufactured (as in Season 8 and 9). They work through things.
  • Like the idea of the angels, but the theological plot overtook the show and does not seem to be planned out.
  • The writers have simplified the overall plot and can handle the smaller scale stories this year.
  • The emotional trust between the boys is back, but they still have disagreements over the methods and means.
  • The show is getting back to other supernatural beings, which is interesting for people who are interested in mythology and folklore in general.
  • A good angel story was Hannah's, though it wasn't perfect.
  • There should have been more episodes with Demon Dean.

The 200th Episode: Olive Branch or Pacifier?
  • It was a love letter to fandom, with reservations.
  • Line drawn, as if the show was saying, you do your thing, this is our thing.
  • It was not like the previous fandom-focused episodes that alienated fans.
  • Message: there is power in fanfiction.
  • Message: it is what you make it.
  • The show is still willing to push the envelope.
  • The casting was perfect, especially the stage manager.
  • Appreciated that the musical an all-female cast.
  • Great songs.

  • One participant says she reads Wincest for unhappy endings, J2 for happy endings.
  • Why is there a renaissance? #boathouse
  • Like fics that are about a life they might have had or might dream for themselves.
  • Like fics where the J2 characters are similar to their real life personalities.
  • Has there been a change in how J2 are characterized? From being like Sam and Dean to being like their public personas?
  • Character bleed stories were popular in the early years.
  • Wife bashers seem to be out of the fandom by now: they've moved on.
  • Fic draws a distinction between having fun with J2 as characters and objectifying the actual actors.
  • Early on, the most popular fics were Gen and Wincest. Now, on A03, it's J2, Destiel and Wincest, in that order.
  • It seems like the first five years of vids are all gone from the Internet.
  • One participant contributed to [personal profile] poisontaster's A Kept Boy universe.

General Stuff
  • A good spin-off would be hunter school, perhaps with Jody and Charlie as instructors.
  • Men of Letters needs more exploration, including Judah Initiative and famous historical figures who might have been hunters.
  • The bunker allows them to have access to resources previously provided by Bobby. The show had relied too much on Bobby to solve things.
  • They need to go back to Vegas, where they are supposedly visit every year. They should go to the Neon Boneyard to find a case.

There was a call for J2 recommendations. If you have some links, please add them to the comments!
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