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Remember at early Supernatural conventions when Jared Padalecki's spoiler filter adorably/annoyingly kept failing? It's happened again.

At the J2 panel at Jus in Bello (JIBcon) 8, he let it slip that he and Jensen were working on a Season 13 episode with Misha Collins. Jensen stepped in and emphasized that it was for the Scooby-Doo animated crossover episode. That might have been fine right there because, you know, anything can happen in a meta episode like that. But then Jared said something like, It's Supernatural: no one is ever really dead.

I thought, why would he add that second statement? It's the one that gives away the game. But then I remembered that earlier at that same panel, Jared said that neither he nor Jensen had seen the final episode of Season 12. So I don't think he realizes how final that last scene with Castiel looked.

Then again, as I'm typing this, @fandomnatural is live-tweeting the Mishalecki panel. Misha Collins is talking about alternate-universe Castiel is a real thing. And he and Jared are acting as if AU Charlie might also happen. Maybe there're all tossing a lot of dust in the wind (see what I did there???) to minimize the original slip-up.

I like convention panels, but I do miss the seemingly endless, excruciating wait between seasons to see what will happen. Those months were filled with fan-theories being written in LiveJournals and developed in the comments, or through fanfic set in possible futures for the series.

Then again, those were the days when Supernatural retained some textual intergrity. Things (some, not all) written in one season were often remembered and elaborated upon a couple seasons later. Now, the show is more like bingo, where a randomized writing-room machine generates a number that the writers mark, sometimes sloppily, on a pre-printed card. Some seasons string together enough of a storyline to call BINGO! Others, not so much.

A spoiler drop so soon after the season finale hedges the most fun fandom has had for a while. The Season 12 finale set up some exciting possibilities for Season 13 -- but we are reminded of the chances of inconclusive bingo.


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