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Not spoilery:

Someone needs to teach Sherlock the concept of "browser tabs."
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If it were on Twitter or AO3, I'd tag it as
Mild spoiler )
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My interview with Julian Richings, star of Canadian film and stage, multiple Death player.
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Since LiveJournal is owned by a Russian company, I thought it would be appropriate to share this here.

Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] kadymae at The first Vladimir Putin gay porn parody has arrived.
Via my buddy switchknitter --

Put it in Putin
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My notes on the official Supernatural convention in Vancouver:


And some tweets about the non-official Supernatural visual effects event (organized by [personal profile] missyjack after the con:


Much fun all around!


Jul. 30th, 2013 08:00 pm
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I suspect the Supernatural spin-off series will be very different in tone and narrative.

I'm thinking of all those Norman Lear sitcoms of the 1970s that spun off each other and turned out so different, you had to be reminded they were related: they were, in a way of speaking, all in the family.
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The cast of Orphan Black was at Nerd HQ this afternoon. Not only are they adorable, they're whip smart!

Tatiana Maslany (who plays the clones) basically gave an acting class, and Jordan Garvaris (Felix) had a manifesto about portraying LGBTQ characters. Dylan Bruce...well, he was there for eye candy (he was actually also quite fun).

The whole panel is up on YouTube (starts at 10:00 with Alan Tudyk (!) moderating):

Plus, the audience is just as smart and clever. Tatiana spotted someone playing Helena playing Beth, and I spotted an Abaddon cosplay:

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A wonderful/horrifying Tumblr about the wonderful/horrifying episode of Teen Wolf last night. And these are *just* the trigger warnings.

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I'm stoked about tonight's Orphan Black finale. Trouble is, I don't know anyone if anyone else is, other than Alan Sepinwall (and I don't actually know him).

This show isn't about a strong female character: it's about nine strong female characters, all played by one woman. Alright, that may not do a lot in terms of increasing the amount of work for female actors, but it does showcase an amazing young talent, Tatiana Maslany.

The premise in brief: a young, disaffected punk discovers that she is a clone. Suddenly, she cares about the world very much.

If you're looking for diversity in casting, it's worth noting that among them, the clones have: a gay foster brother, an African-Canadian work partner, a lesbian lover, several other strong female characters (played by other women) as allies and as antagonists.

And if you remember dancer Louise Lecavalier in her La La La Human Steps days, you may see a resemblance in one of the characters. (I must ask about this!)

Tatiana Maslany as Helena on Orphan Black (fanvid by bananafromouterspace)

Louise Lecavalier in Human Sex (female toplessness)
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Escapade is mentioned in this call for submissions for a book by and for fangirls:

Squee! will be a collection of writings about the experience of being a fangirl. Our passion, our obsessions, the crack, the creativity, the porn and the wonderful friendships. The squee.

This is a book where fangirls write about ourselves. Our stories told by us. The sort of tales we tell each other over a few cocktails.

Who’s a fangirl? A fangirl writes and reads fanfic, argues over tl:dr meta, makes fanvids or fanart, or knits fan socks. We run fan sites and make podcasts. We invented slash. Fangirls post lots of pictures of pretty people and spend glorious afternoons playing “whose ass is that?” We go to Muskrat Jamboree, Connotations, Escapade or Wincon or have a fangirl gathering in our loungeroom. Fandom makes us happy and angry and sad but above all it makes us squee!

Source: http://www.squeethebook.com

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Wired has a good history of Star Trek's progressive values and how they attracted a fan base that encouraged the franchise to go forward.

However, the show hit a block when it came to LGBTQ characters. To date, the future has no gay people. Given the implied anathema of the current ST guardians to take a quasi-bold step, the present is less progressive than the past.

Thanks to the success of the 2009 reboot — the most successful Star Trek property ever in box office terms — Paramount has regained a blockbuster franchise with wide-audience appeal, but there’s no reason to think it would have been any less successful if it had been more faithful to the franchise’s subversive spirit. Ignoring social advances and stymieing the franchise’s hallmark ideology seems, at best, to be the path of least resistance.

Source: http://www.wired.com/underwire/2013/05/star-trek-lgbt-gay-characters/
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Kudos to Amanda Berry for taking a chance on a stranger to save herself, her daughter and two other women who had been kidnapped as teenagers.

It was heartbreaking to learn that the stranger didn't know her story and to hear the recording of the 911 operator who either did not know her or who did not acknowledge knowing her name. (Even if she did recognize the name, perhaps 911 responders are trained not to jump to conclusions?)

As virtually the first thing she said, Berry's name was a shining sword she wielded that would light the way and explain everything. She had every confidence that the outside world had not forgotten her name.

It was both untrue and true at the same time. Although Charles Ramsey didn't know her name, he recognized someone who needed help to be returned to her family and to the community that never forgot her name and never gave up hope.
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Sunday was Game of Thrones day! I live-tweeted from the panel featuring Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage.

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As usual, I'm having a blast covering Calgary Expo. This year, the expo rented an entire other building, so there was much more room, so fans and vendors were happy: fans were more comfortable and vendors were accessible.

Last night, I collected my Calgary Expo tweets so far.


MIDDLE EARTH (Richard Taylor, Dave Tremont, Mark Ferguson, Craig Parker)


SUPERNATURAL (Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Mitch Pileggi)


The media panels were all very entertaining, but the panel that made my jaw drop was David Finch's. He is so humble about his work and honest about the comic book industry. I almost cried when he said he hasn't painted in two years because DC is discouraging it: he could be turning out more pages in the time it takes to do a painting.

If you're not familiar with Finch's work, check out this step-by-step feature and take a look at this:

Batman, painted by David Finch
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There's a new showrunner (John Wirth, who was an executive producer for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles).

And they're casting extras in Calgary in April!
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I started watching Breaking Bad (on ep 3 now). Lesson learned so far:



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