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Remember at early Supernatural conventions when Jared Padalecki's spoiler filter adorably/annoyingly kept failing? It's happened again.

Look away if you don't want spoilers for Supernatural Season 13. Like, seriously. )

I like convention panels, but I do miss the seemingly endless, excruciating wait between seasons to see what will happen. Those months were filled with fan-theories being written in LiveJournals and developed in the comments, or through fanfic set in possible futures for the series.

Then again, those were the days when Supernatural retained some textual intergrity. Things (some, not all) written in one season were often remembered and elaborated upon a couple seasons later. Now, the show is more like bingo, where a randomized writing-room machine generates a number that the writers mark, sometimes sloppily, on a pre-printed card. Some seasons string together enough of a storyline to call BINGO! Others, not so much.

A spoiler drop so soon after the season finale hedges the most fun fandom has had for a while. The Season 12 finale set up some exciting possibilities for Season 13 -- but we are reminded of the chances of inconclusive bingo.
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At Escapade this morning, [personal profile] devilc and I combined the panels we proposed for Supernatural into one. One half the panel was about the show; the other was about J2 fic. Here are my notes:

Season 10
  • The boys are back to dealing with their own shit, and they are dealing with it together.
  • Back to saving people, hunting things.
  • Not at odds with external forces.
  • The conflict are not manufactured (as in Season 8 and 9). They work through things.
  • Like the idea of the angels, but the theological plot overtook the show and does not seem to be planned out.
  • The writers have simplified the overall plot and can handle the smaller scale stories this year.
  • The emotional trust between the boys is back, but they still have disagreements over the methods and means.
  • The show is getting back to other supernatural beings, which is interesting for people who are interested in mythology and folklore in general.
  • A good angel story was Hannah's, though it wasn't perfect.
  • There should have been more episodes with Demon Dean.

The 200th Episode: Olive Branch or Pacifier?
  • It was a love letter to fandom, with reservations.
  • Line drawn, as if the show was saying, you do your thing, this is our thing.
  • It was not like the previous fandom-focused episodes that alienated fans.
  • Message: there is power in fanfiction.
  • Message: it is what you make it.
  • The show is still willing to push the envelope.
  • The casting was perfect, especially the stage manager.
  • Appreciated that the musical an all-female cast.
  • Great songs.

  • One participant says she reads Wincest for unhappy endings, J2 for happy endings.
  • Why is there a renaissance? #boathouse
  • Like fics that are about a life they might have had or might dream for themselves.
  • Like fics where the J2 characters are similar to their real life personalities.
  • Has there been a change in how J2 are characterized? From being like Sam and Dean to being like their public personas?
  • Character bleed stories were popular in the early years.
  • Wife bashers seem to be out of the fandom by now: they've moved on.
  • Fic draws a distinction between having fun with J2 as characters and objectifying the actual actors.
  • Early on, the most popular fics were Gen and Wincest. Now, on A03, it's J2, Destiel and Wincest, in that order.
  • It seems like the first five years of vids are all gone from the Internet.
  • One participant contributed to [personal profile] poisontaster's A Kept Boy universe.

General Stuff
  • A good spin-off would be hunter school, perhaps with Jody and Charlie as instructors.
  • Men of Letters needs more exploration, including Judah Initiative and famous historical figures who might have been hunters.
  • The bunker allows them to have access to resources previously provided by Bobby. The show had relied too much on Bobby to solve things.
  • They need to go back to Vegas, where they are supposedly visit every year. They should go to the Neon Boneyard to find a case.

There was a call for J2 recommendations. If you have some links, please add them to the comments!
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Co-moderator devilc and I are expanding the topic of our panel at Escapade.

Have you ever been part of a fandom where the main character dies in canon? Or a star dies in real life? How about a bandom where the band splits up? Or a sports fandom where your ship is torn apart by a trade?

Join us on Saturday at 2pm in California C to talk about how fic readers and writers handle real life events and canon decisions about how to deal with them.

Fast Five

Jan. 12th, 2014 09:40 pm
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Faith Erin Hicks understands.

By Faith Erin Hicks
I watched Fast Five while working tonight. They loved each other so much but it could never be because Dom lived OUTSIDE THE LAW

…. might be working a bit much lately.

Source: Faith Erin Hicks's Tumblr
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My notes on the official Supernatural convention in Vancouver:


And some tweets about the non-official Supernatural visual effects event (organized by [personal profile] missyjack after the con:


Much fun all around!
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Escapade is mentioned in this call for submissions for a book by and for fangirls:

Squee! will be a collection of writings about the experience of being a fangirl. Our passion, our obsessions, the crack, the creativity, the porn and the wonderful friendships. The squee.

This is a book where fangirls write about ourselves. Our stories told by us. The sort of tales we tell each other over a few cocktails.

Who’s a fangirl? A fangirl writes and reads fanfic, argues over tl:dr meta, makes fanvids or fanart, or knits fan socks. We run fan sites and make podcasts. We invented slash. Fangirls post lots of pictures of pretty people and spend glorious afternoons playing “whose ass is that?” We go to Muskrat Jamboree, Connotations, Escapade or Wincon or have a fangirl gathering in our loungeroom. Fandom makes us happy and angry and sad but above all it makes us squee!

Source: http://www.squeethebook.com

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Wired has a good history of Star Trek's progressive values and how they attracted a fan base that encouraged the franchise to go forward.

However, the show hit a block when it came to LGBTQ characters. To date, the future has no gay people. Given the implied anathema of the current ST guardians to take a quasi-bold step, the present is less progressive than the past.

Thanks to the success of the 2009 reboot — the most successful Star Trek property ever in box office terms — Paramount has regained a blockbuster franchise with wide-audience appeal, but there’s no reason to think it would have been any less successful if it had been more faithful to the franchise’s subversive spirit. Ignoring social advances and stymieing the franchise’s hallmark ideology seems, at best, to be the path of least resistance.

Source: http://www.wired.com/underwire/2013/05/star-trek-lgbt-gay-characters/
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There's a reunion of sorts at Calgary Expo at the end of April. I don't know if they're doing a panel together, but they are doing photo ops:

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I can't believe it's been a week since Escapade ended! This time last week, I was at breakfast, sitting next to a wise individual whose plate bore a scoop of scrambled eggs and a mountain of bacon. "Clearly, I'm here for the bacon," she said. As a bacon connoisseur, I do have to say the bacon at the hotel was unfailingly fantastic. One day, when I'm less of a newb, I'll have the confidence to skip all the other respectable items (like fruit and stuff) and just load up with what I *really* went to breakfast for!

I also can't believe I forgot to include the Supernatural panel that I co-led in my con report, which I'm now ret-conning as 23.01. This was the 23rd "season" of Escapade, and this is episode 2 of my report :)

Spoilers for SPN up to 8.13 )

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Yesterday, I returned from my second Escapade, a con that celebrated its 23rd anniversary this year. That is some impressive longevity for a 100% fan-run con with a very specialized focus.

On to the escapades! )

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Hola! If you're at [community profile] escapade_con today, please join [profile] kadymae and and me for a discussion about the Winchester brothers and friends at the Supernatural Café at 6 pm in the Santa Cruz room.

What do you think of the new characters and storylines? Which new ships have sailed for you? Which old pairings endure? Share your obsessions and recs!

There is one tiny bit of homework. Please bring one of the glass tumblers from your hotel room or any other divine drinking vessel.
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Woot! I'm co-leading a panel about Supernatural at [community profile] escapade_con! Here are the details:

  • Time: Saturday 6 PM
  • Topic: Supernatural Café
  • Description: New mythology, new characters, new ships! Share your Supernatural obsessions and recommendations.
  • Leaders: tartysuz, kadymae-devilc

    If you're going to the con, please drop in!
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I fully support this plea by [livejournal.com profile] counteragent at Dear everyone!

Please, please, please archive your fic and your fanwork posts! I don't care if you're like "Oh, this ol' thing? Nobody wants to see that again!" You're wrong! I do! So just DO IT, here, there or elsewhere.

This desperate message brought to you by 3-4 days of no LJ access.
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Jules Sherred, podcaster, feminist, geek and special events coordinator for GottaCon (Vancouver Island gaming con, Feb 1-3) is looking for a panel on "Unusual Fandoms," including fanfic communities.

She writes: "Not only will this panel be a safe place to discuss these Fandoms, but it will also be a place to try and figure out solutions to how we can be more inclusive within the community."

More details and contact info here: https://plus.google.com/100576497665628716472/posts/ET4VF8nKqfB
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I collected some of my Calgary Expo tweets on Storify:

There are a couple of tweets about the fire capacity issue and brief comments about panels and meetings that I'll expand upon in upcoming Sequential Tart articles.

Photo highlights:
  • two images from the big screens at the James Marsters spotlight (lookin' spry for a 50-year-old guy);
  • [profile] beatonna's most excellent Strong Female Character doodle for me;
  • Pia Guerra's customized con bag (saved my life, or at least my back).
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[personal profile] devilc was invited by Henry Jenkins to speak on a panel about comics at Transmedia Hollywood 3.

By all reports, she acquitted herself very well and was an impressive representative for Sequential Tart -- no surprise there!

I Storyfied tweets about her comments. A video of the full panel is expected next week.
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Has anyone else noticed that "fic" autocorrects to "fix"? As in, "I'm going to fix this show with some much-needed explanatory Wincest!"
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by joannajohnen, originally posted at her DeviantArt account.
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Fandom, prepare to ship Wenlock and Mandeville! (WenVille? ManLock?) I can't bring myself to state the obvious, so I'm going to let the National Post do it: Wenlock and Mandeville appear to be modeled upon a male body part.

Imma need to read some Quaatchi/Miga to recover my innocence!


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