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Gilbert's family is donating his books and comics to the University of Alberta libraries. The libraries staff are thrilled because Gilbert was interested in areas that they want to strengthen.

We (the head of acquisitions, Gilbert's family, Ray and me) agreed that the collection should have a name of some kind. So I'm looking to you for suggestions. Here's what the collection consists of:

  • comics (floppies, TPBs, graphic novels and books about comics)
  • visual art (with a concentration on contemporary postmodern art and artists, including Canadian artists)
  • contemporary philosophy and literary criticism, especially (post-)poststructuralist and postmodern
  • books about pop culture, like television
  • film, including horror
  • horror novels
  • contemporary Canadian poetry
  • brain science
  • folklore
  • classics and new histories of classical Greek and Roman periods
  • architecture and design
  • contemporary literature

I think that describes the major categories in his collection. We were thinking of using terms like: postmodern, graphic [something], visual culture, pop literature.

Here's what I've thought of so far:

  • The Gilbert Bouchard Collection of Postmodernism, Visual Culture and Pop Literature
  • The Gilbert Bouchard Collection of Visual and Pop Ideas
  • Inside Gilbert Bouchard's Brain [I don't think his family will go for this one!]
  • The Gilbert Bouchard Collection of Comics, Text and Ideas
  • The Gilbert Bouchard Collection of Words, Pictures and Ideas
  • The Gilbert Bouchard Collection of Visual Culture, Pop Print and Postmodern Ideas

Any and all suggestions are welcome!
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This is an odd time-travel movie, one that pretty much removes all consideration of the mechanics of time travel. One of the characters actually says that the process is more like magic.

I think that's fine. Not every time travel movie needs to refer to hard science. The emphasis in this movie is on the metaphor. It calls to mind the Taoist notion that you can never step into the same river twice.

In that respect, I liked how this movie concretized the notion of revisiting your past. I've had a lot of occasion to do that of late. Watching this movie, I thought of all the times in recent months that I've revisited myself at different ages interacting with Gilbert at different ages. And when I talk about these meetings or incidents, it's not really like reliving them.

There's a hole in this movie: spoilers )

Random Notes:

The young Henry is played by Alex Ferris, who played the young Davis Bloome on Smallville and the six-year-old Sam Winchester on Supernatural. This kid is good. One day he will grow up and play a character that he has all to himself!

Clare is played the up-and-coming Canadian movie star Rachel McAdams, and Clare's mother is played by the great Canadian stage actor Fiona Reid. Yay, Fiona!

Broken Social Scene is the out-of-place wedding band that plays a sad-boy version of "Love Will Tear Us Apart" as the opening waltz. At the screening I attended, exactly one person (*ahem*) laughed at this. (How can you be a sadder-boy than Joy Division? You take out the dance beat.)
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View from Brian's car: A street of San Francisco

After Gilbert's death, Ray and I resolved to fulfill dreams, make good on intentions and use whatever time we have on our hands.

Michael Jackson and Me )

Colma: Emperor Norton

I followed the Jackson memorial preparation with great interest, partly because it funhouse-mirrored my own experience, and partly because of a 4 July visit to Colma, California.

The trip to Colma was my friend Rachel's idea. She was in San Francisco for a couple of days and wanted to commemorate Independence Day with a visit to the grave of Emperor Norton at the Woodlawn Cemetery.

I work in a mortuary. I've heard it all. )

Bender: Remember me!

With memorials on our mind, my visit to the King Tut exhibit at the De Young Museum two days later continued the question of how we memorialize the dead.

King Tut, Futurama and States of Being )


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