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Burma Superstar: clouds of people waiting

I admit, we could have been more aggressive about pursuing dining options. We concentrated on activity and ended up eating where we dropped due to exhaustion. Luckily, San Francisco is such a foodie city that we were guaranteed to eat well wherever we were.

I expected astronaut ice cream )
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I can't believe it's been a month since I went to San Francisco! I was there for 11 days and I still have a ton of photos and thoughts to upload.

Meanwhile, here's an interview I did with the curator of an underground comix exhibit I saw in SF:
Dan Fogel on Cresting the Wave

Also up today, two more Wednesday Comics reviews:
Wednesday Comics #3: Do I detect a tone of Simianism?
Wednesday Comics #4: I have favourites.
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F Train: Museum label inside, instead of next to, the artifact

Like a 1:1 scale model )
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View from Brian's car: A street of San Francisco

After Gilbert's death, Ray and I resolved to fulfill dreams, make good on intentions and use whatever time we have on our hands.

Michael Jackson and Me )

Colma: Emperor Norton

I followed the Jackson memorial preparation with great interest, partly because it funhouse-mirrored my own experience, and partly because of a 4 July visit to Colma, California.

The trip to Colma was my friend Rachel's idea. She was in San Francisco for a couple of days and wanted to commemorate Independence Day with a visit to the grave of Emperor Norton at the Woodlawn Cemetery.

I work in a mortuary. I've heard it all. )

Bender: Remember me!

With memorials on our mind, my visit to the King Tut exhibit at the De Young Museum two days later continued the question of how we memorialize the dead.

King Tut, Futurama and States of Being )


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