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A wonderful/horrifying Tumblr about the wonderful/horrifying episode of Teen Wolf last night. And these are *just* the trigger warnings.

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"It could be raining soup and he would be holding a fork." -- [profile] kadymae

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Teen Wolf mania!

Two of my Sequential Tart sisters and I each put together 5 More Reasons to Watch Teen Wolf.

And TV.com has The 18 Best Things About Teen Wolf Season 2 (h/t [personal profile] devilc).

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Usually, I lock posts regarding shows because they're generally works in progress for upcoming articles.

However, I'm unlocking my Teen Wolf posts because I'd like to share the show with everyone and to connect with other Wolf fans who aren't currently on my f-list.

I'm also following [personal profile] devilc's example and linking you to the Teen Wolf article we wrote for Sequential Tart last year. We're working on a new edition for season 2, but if you're new to the Wolf, here are our 5 Reasons to Watch Teen Wolf.

Now I need a Teen Wolf icon....

ETA: I haz a Teen Wolf icon!
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One unsung thing I love about Teen Wolf: the parents.
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This is one of my favourite things ever. It's a chart that shows the spectrum of states of experiential existence that includes the conditions of being alive, dead and not-ever-having-been-alive-at-all (NEHBAA). The entity on the far right is the most alive thing on this chart; the entity on the far left is the deadest dead thing:

From p. 46, "Dead Serious: Evil and the Ontology of the Undead," by Manuel Vargas. In The Undead and Philosophy: Chicken Soup for the Soulless, ed. Richard Greene and K. Silem Mohammad. Chicago and La Salle, Illinois: Open Court Publishing Company, 2006.

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Anderson Cooper timed his announcement to coincide with this week's episode, didn't he?
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As Justin Jordan said on Twitter:

Also, if anyone is writing slash for this show, you know it's cheating. Derek vs. Jackson in the men's room? The slash writes itself!
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All that writing I've been doing is being published now!

Let's start with Teen Wolf. I got into this after some good word-of-mouth, and I'm really glad that I did. [livejournal.com profile] kadymae was one of the enthusiasts who convinced me to give it a go. We got together to
write 5 Reasons we love the show:

Teen Wolf

I also did a profile of Canada's first artist-in-residence in a comic book shop. He's Daniel Schneider and he's based at my LCS. One of the things about the program is that it's designed to support an emerging artist. Dan's had work in the DC Fifty-Too project and he's working on try-outs for the big companies. He also helps to promote comics by explaining the process to customers and to school kids when the store goes on school visits. He's really articulate, so if you're wondering how an artist-in-residence program can work for a comic shop, check out the interview.

Daniel Schneider, Comic Book Store Artist-in-Residence

And my first bunch of DC New 52 reviews are up. I'm reading them in order of the week they're published and their place in the alphabet. My first reviews are of Justice League, Action Comics, Animal Man and Batgirl. They range from okay to very good:

DC New 52 Reviews
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In this episode, I was struck by each character's relationship with power.

Scott has it, and doesn't want it.

Jackson lusts for it -- begs for it -- but no one trusts him with power, or sees power in him (maybe the latter causes the former).

Allison wants power, but is discovering that it's a complicated thing, and she's not willing to pay any price for it.

Lydia hides her power, but wants it reflected in the surface of the man she wants.

Stiles doesn't give a crap about power -- which is probably why he's so loveable (that, and he looks like the living embodiment of Dean and Hank Venture).

Following the lines of [livejournal.com profile] kadymae's comments about Teen Wolf 1.10, Peter is empowering a select few in order to empower the whole race of werewolves, while Kate revels in having power over others (and Others).


The show makes werewolfism unsexy, what with all the ugly teeth and claws and the full CGI body. If Derek is sexy in his semi-wolfed-out form, it's because he retains a decidedly human body, one suitably smooth and buff enough for an Abercrombie & Fitch ad -- although the hairless body looks weird with the Wolverine facial hair.

And it was hilarious to see the coach back off from Scott and Danny for fear of appearing to be homophobic. I envy the kids at that school. Everyone is liberal. And pretty. And the budget for the projected stars outside the school probably exceeded the entire budget for my high school grad.


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