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Talk about a unique birthday gift: on Thursday Carnal Nation requested permission to reprint my article on Wonder Woman, Amazons and bondage!

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I want the crap out of this: Ben Caldwell's proposal for a manga-style Wonder Woman. Sugary Etta Candy (see above)! Spicy Steve Trevor! Broody vampire Bruce Wayne! Japanese schoolgirl assassin Eris!

I'd love to see something like this outside of DCU continuity. Wonder Woman was created as a comment on superheroes, so much convolution has been performed in order to fit her into mainstream comics character logic. They can still have a WW in the DCU -- I just think a separate, fantastical manga WW might actually be a better read!
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In comicdom, people are always going on about Batman or the X-Men, but usually, there isn't a lot of talk about Wonder Woman until someone decides to make some changes.

Such was the case after DC Comics announced it was rebooting the Wonder Woman character, her history and costume. Then it was Holy Strong Opinions, Wonder Woman (to mix pop culture references). At Sequential Tart, we just couldn't stop talking about it, so we devoted the entire month to Wonder Woman articles.

We kick off with three pieces on Wonder Woman:

We will also have non-WW features throughout the month, including this week's continuation of a feature on Twilight and:

If that sounds like a lot of articles, it is! We went quite barmy with all the writing and editing at Tart this month, so I hope you can take a few minutes to check it out!
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I have a couple of articles in this week's issue of Sequential Tart:

Prince of Tales: Denny O'Neil
I was wondering what kind of ideas led to the phase in Wonder Woman's career when she lost her powers and Diana Prince became an Emma Peel-like heroine. So I asked the guy who wrote it!

Supernatural Talk: Death Takes a Holiday
Demons trump reapers. Discuss!


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