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I don't think I can sit through another episode just to get to a good sword melee.

So far, the show suffers from the same problem as all these SF mysteries: the catalyzing situation is all exterior. I suppose we'll discover some key characters had something to do with the power outage, but right now, all we're seeing is reaction to the external environment.

Also, everyone, except Google Guy is angry. I'm sure they all have a lot to be mad at, but it makes for a monotone show.

One of the things I really missed when Eric Kripke left Supernatural was his sense of humour. It's one of the things he hasn't taken over to the new show.
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The first episode of Revolution was mostly meh.

The plot was a crazy quilt of ideas from past, mostly failed serial sci-fi mysteries like Lost, Fast Forward, The Event and V (mostly because Elizabeth Mitchell is in both).

None of the characters have the crazy chemistry that Jared and Jensen had from the get-go on Supernatural. With a huge cast, there's room to grow, as long as they're willing to drop the uninteresting characters. So far, I like the woman who harbours a key character, the bad sheriff and the potential for stepmother/stepdaughter bonding best, although I worry because not-Katniss is less expressive than her crossbow.

It lacked the humour of Kripke's work, but that might be due to all the set up the first hur had to do. It was entertaining to spot the Kripke tropes:

- a pair of guys in a muscle car listening to classic rock
- contrasting siblings
- kids tasked with taking care of younger siblings
- dead moms
- central character who dreams of a normal life that was never really there
- overprotective dad, keeper of arcane secrets (like using a modem!)
- and last but not least, nostalgia for toilet paper.


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